Carpenters Make Good Affiliate Marketers!

Carpenters Make Good Affiliate Marketers! do builders of Affiliate Marketing programs...realize the importance of a strong foundation!

Whether you are building a house or a work from home, Internet Affiliate Marketing business...the strength of the underlying foundation provides strength to the remainder of the project.

The foundation is what holds everything up!

The Foundation:

  • Must itself, be based upon Rock!
  • Must be Strong!
  • Must be Effective!
  • Must exhibit Integrity and Non-compromise!

The Foundation of an Internet Affiliate Marketing program encompasses the initial web site construction. From domain name selection and registration to the original look and feel of the Home Page... the effective usage of keywords in the construction of informational content the creative and eye pleasing formatting of pictures, images, white space, and headlines... the offering of valuable information and related search opportunities via links to complementary web the offering of e-books, newsletters and e-zines...

The Foundation must be all that and More!

Current research reflects the notion that web site visitors decide in .58 seconds whether they will remain on the page, or click to another...that's literally the blink of an eye!

That's how much time your web site has to make a "good" first impression!

.58 seconds...that's 58 one hundredths of a second...gone almost as quickly as you can read it from the screen!

First impressions are Everything...and you can't get them back...they don't come with second chances....bam!...and they're gone!

That illuminates the importance of a strong, effective foundation!

Carpenters know it...Affiliate Marketers know it!

Carpenters Make Good Affiliate Marketers!

Carpenters Make Good Affiliate Marketers!

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