Interview Of Michael Parziale Author Of

Interview Of Michael Parziale Author Of "Twilight Of The Past: A Rift In Time"

Reader Views would like to welcome Michael Parziale, author of "Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time," a new Sci-Fi fantasy that is leaving readers wanting more from this up and coming author.

Juanita: Thank you for talking with us today Michael. I understand that your book originally started out as an interactive website idea. Please tell us more about the process of enfoldment for "Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time," the novel.

Michael: Twilight of the Past was originally going to be an ongoing story where chapters were posted periodically on my website, but I decided that a full-fledged novel would be more appropriate.

Juanita: You have always been a fan of science fiction, from a very young age. Tell us about your early inspirations and your motivations for creating Aldurea and "Twilight of the Past."

Michael: The very, very first science fiction I was introduced to was Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now I must admit that Star Trek didn't have much influence on the story-- none of it even takes place in space--but the characters, personalities, and emotions from the show all helped me form the dialogue in my story. I'm also a big fan of role playing video games which have given me loads of experience in the science fiction & fantasy genre. After playing and watching so much fiction, I decided maybe it's time I created my own.

Juanita: Give us, in your words, the plot and theme of "Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time."

Michael: Newl Rift embarks on what he thinks will be a simple mission, but ends up learning more than he ever imagined about the war plaguing his world, his forgotten past, and his own hidden feelings.

Juanita: Though your book is set in a different time and place, what are the emotions and experiences of the lead character Newl Rift that your readers will relate to?

Michael: At heart Newl is an adventurer that wants to see peace for his homeland. Unfortunately for him others have very different plans in store. Newl is faced with backstabbing betrayal, awe-inspiring friendship, and has to face the reality that he may never be able to see, or save, the woman that he's fallen in love with.

Juanita: Are your characters based on anyone you know, and is there any of you in Newl Rift?

Michael: I feel that each character has a small piece of me in them. For example Macen Fik is a master of strategizing; now I can't say I've ever plotted to conquer the Earth, but I love a good game of Risk! Newl Rift's adventurous side and curiosity are also traits that I enjoy having around.

Juanita: What motivates Newl to reveal the truth about the war that is destroying the world in which he lives?

Michael: Newl knows that the war is going nowhere and pretty much a stalemate. So he decides to dig a little deeper into what's causing all of the turmoil, and what he finds changes everything.

Juanita: There is much darkness in the world of Aldurea. Many people would suggest there is also much darkness in our present reality. Are there any similarities between the two and if so, what can we hope to learn from the adventures of Newl and Aldurea?

Michael: Newl comes to a quick realization that appearances are often deceptive and people he thought were no threat to him are now in unimaginable positions of power. While he has been busy leading his country, others have been secretly manipulating almost every major event for the last hundred years. Newl knows that to make things right in Aldurea he must act quickly and draw strength from all of his resources. He can no longer afford to be overconfident and blind to what's going on around him. Newl, and everyone else, need to learn from their mistakes and go forward as best they can.

Juanita: "Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time" is very detailed with its characters, places, emotions, complex storyline, and non-stop adventures, and you have expressed this in such a clear and readable way. It really takes a unique and creative mind to weave it all together. Please elaborate on your immense imagination and skill of putting it all to paper.

Michael: Plotting A Rift in Time was no easy task. I wanted to make sure everything flowed together and was introduced smoothly to the reader. I have pages upon pages of the various cities in the world of Aldurea, character bios, weaponry functions, and even a map of the world (Which was also included in the novel). The places and technology are obviously fiction, but I wanted everything to feel right for the planet of Aldurea.

Juanita: I'm sure your readers would like to know a little more about Michael Parziale. Where were you from, do you have a writing background, what helps you to stretch your imagination and stay creative?

Michael: Well I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois where I currently live. A recent big event for me was getting married last summer (2005) and going on an amazing trip to Hawaii (my adventurous side loved it especially!). I write mostly as a hobby. Professionally I am currently working towards a bachelor's degree in nutrition science which I hope to complete in the summer of 2007. Between writing and studying I still love to play video games and read books. Another fairly new hobby of my wife and mine is horseback riding (English Style) which is unbelievably fun and challenging.

Juanita: Congratulations on your recent marriage and current endeavors. It sounds like you are leading a rich and fulfilling life and we wish you much success. Tell us about the books and video games that you are enjoying these days.

Michael: The last big novel I've read was the follow-up to the last Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Dark Lord. It was definitely a must read novel for Star Wars fans. I haven't been gaming as much lately, but I have been itching to watch the Lord of the Rings Special Edition Trilogy again (Anyone who's seen the Special Edition knows just how long these movies are!).

Juanita: The Sci-fi and fantasy genre has a huge appeal to their readers. Why do you think people love such imaginative works?

Michael: I think the genre has such a following because people like being able to escape the real world sometimes. Science fiction and fantasy allows people to experience things that would ordinarily be impossible or unrealistic to do. Also most stories in this genre are filled with much adventure which has its own special allure. Quite simply, it's fun stuff!

Juanita: Will "Twilight of the Past" be the first in a series? What are your plans for your future writing career?

Michael: Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time is the first novel in what I plan to be a trilogy. The second novel, Twilight of the Past: A Slave of Sorrow, is currently being written. If all goes well with the novels I may very well continue the series or I might try something else afterwards. I really haven't decided yet. Unless something drastic changed in my life I do believe I will continue to be a part-time writer. All I know is I'm having fun, and I'll let the wind carry me wherever I'm headed.

Juanita: Michael, we will be eagerly awaiting your second novel. Please tell your readers how they may get more information about you and your current works.

Michael: My website,, will continue to be updated with news about myself and my future works.

Juanita: Thank you for talking with us today Michael. "Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time" will undoubtedly keep your fans on the edge of their seat, and wanting more! Do you have any parting thoughts for us today?

Michael: I would like to thank you, Juanita, for this great interview. Anyone out there who's interested in learning more about my series or has any questions or comments please come to my website and ask away!

Interview Of Michael Parziale Author Of

Interview Of Michael Parziale Author Of "Twilight Of The Past: A Rift In Time"

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