Golf Swing Series: Strengthening Your Mental Game

Golf Swing Series: Strengthening Your Mental Game

Do you have a very good method of coping with the mental game?

Do you ever miss a very short put, or have an attack of the "yips"? How frustrating is this?

Imagine you are playing club foursomes with your partner, and he has just put you one foot from the hole on the final green. You know that if you sink this put, you have a very good chance of winning the championship.

You stand over the put, and you are terrified, and your mind is full of "what if I miss".

You hit the put, but your back stroke is not good, and you hit the ball very badly and it lips out.

How do you feel? Wow! How DO you feel?

Your partner smiles, (a very tight smile and says "bad luck").

Don't let this happen to you.

I missed a short put like this once. It still stays in my memory. It cost me a win in the club Monthly Medal which I lost on a count back.

I have since developed a sure fire method of over coming the yips.

Isn't it strange that when there is water on one side of the fairway or green, how we seem to always hit in that direction?

There is a part of my home course where there are trees and dense undergrowth.
It is a long way to the right and the fairway is wide.

Do you know that nearly everyone who hits off on this hole watches their ball sail happily into this undergrowth, never to be seen again?

To overcome this for myself, and to prevent this happening to me,I have developed mental exercises to use when in such circumstances and to remove any thought of the trees, or water from my mind when I makes my golf swing.

The mental game is so important in golf.
Negative thoughts usually result in negative outcome.

You have to have a mithod of removing any doubts as you make your golf swing and drive from the tee or hit an iron when approaching the green.

Do you lift your head when you make a golf shot?

Do you start out scoring well, your golf swing resulting in accurate crisp shots only to deteriorate when you are half way round?
The reason? Perhaps you have begun to lift your head during the swing.

There are methods and drills to make sure you keep your head down until your swing is well on its way to completion.

This is the nemesis of my golf game and of most golfers I have met - except the professionals. Why don't they lift their heads?

As said already, one must develop methods of removing the negative thoughts that so often enter our heads as we attempt a skilled golf shot, or even a shot out of the trees. How often do you mishit out of the trees?

Don't wait any longer. Start your new golfing life today.

Golf Swing Series: Strengthening Your Mental Game

Golf Swing Series: Strengthening Your Mental Game

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